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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Fetal ecg, ST-ANalysis.

Main research areas

Fetal surveillance

Current research

Cardiotocography combined with ST analysis versus Cardiotocography combined with fetal scalp pH in deliveries with a non reassuring CTG - A randomized study.

The study aim: Which of the 2 fetal monitoring methods that provide the fewest children with fetal asphyxia (composite neonatal outcome) with concomitant low operative intervention at risk pregnant women.

A multicenter RTC under the principles of ITT. Study Population consisted of all women> 18 years who were in birth with a fetus in cephalic presentation at gestational age> 36 weeks + 0, and who were monitored with CTG. In a 5 year period (Dec 2005 - Jan 2011) 1013 women who developed CTG changes, interpreted as intermediary or abnormal according to STAN (FIGO) guidelines and had a normal scalp-pH sample (pH> 7.25), were randomized by telephone to either monitoring with CTG and STAN (505) or to CTG and scalp-pH(508). 2-5 year follow-up on all newborns admitted to NICU or suspected of intrapartum hypoxia/asphyxia.
Study terminated due to slow inclusion. No statistical difference in between groups. Results do not differ from other bigger study-results. Results unpublished.

December 2016, Diana Bach


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