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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
Christian Stevns Hansen

Christian Stevns Hansen

Clinical Assistant

Niels Steensens Vej 2-4

Building: NSK

2820 Gentofte


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Research areas

Diabetic autonomic and sensimortor neuropathy. New risk markers for early signs of development of neuropathy.

Short-term trials of different treatment modalities to prevent or delay progression of diabetic neuropahty.

Investigation of the association between neuropathy and complications and efficacy of treatment.

Current research

    Aim: The effect of Remote ischemic conditioning on measures of peripheral arterial disease and neuropathy.
    Partners:  Århus university, Center for diabetes research, Heidelberg Univerisity


  2. Whitehall II study
    Aim: The association between autonomic function and inflammatory markers, beta cell function and cardiovascular disease

    Partners: University City College London, Center of diabetes research, Düsseldorf university


  3. Lira1

    Aim: The effect of autonomic neuropathy on liraglutide induces weight loss in type 1 diabetes patient.

    Partners: Center for diabetes research Gentofte Hospital, dept. endocrinology Herlev Hospital, the research unit at  Hillerød Hospital, NNF center for metabolic research, Panum, København 


  4. Rubinaut

    Aim: The reversibility of autonomic and peripheral neuropathy in type 1 diabetes patents.

    Partners: NovoNordisk Foundation, Joslin Diabetes Center (USA), University Medical Center Groningen (Holland), Folkhälsan Helsinki (Finland).


  5. CIMT-study

    Aim: The effect of metformin on peripheral and autonomic neuropathy.

    Partners: dept. endocrinology. Herlev Hospital, the research unit at  Hillerød Hospital


  6. The young studiy

    Aim: Prevalence of neuropathy in young type 1 diabetes patients and risk factors hereto

    Partners: dept. endocrinology Herlev Hospital Heidelberg universitys hospital.  

  7. Metformin and neuropati

    Aim: Acute effect on markers of autonomic neuropathy in type 2 diabetes patients.

    Partners:  Center for diabetes research Gentofte Hospital


  8. Passive training and foot ulcers

    Aim: the efficacy and passive training on foot ulcer healing

    Partners:  dept. of orthopaedic surgery Herlev Hospital, NEXS, Københavns University


  9. MACH15

    Aim: the efficacy of moderate alcohol intake on autonomic function

    Partners: clinical and preventive nutrition University of Copenhagen


  10. Diabetes and neurovascular copling

    Aim: investigating the association between autonomic dysfunction and brainfunction

    Partners: NEXs Copenhagen University, Aalborg University


  11. Diabetic neuropathy and exercise.

    Aim: Investigate the safety and efficacy of exercise in type 1 diabetes patients with autonomic  neuropathy.

    Partners: NEXs Copenhagen University, dept. of research Hillerød Hospital



  12. Diabetic gastropareses and neuropathy

    Aim: Investigating the association between gastropareses and signs of neuropathy in the gastrointestinal mucosa and sign of neuropathy and gastrointestinal function.

    Partners: Center for diabetes research  Gentofte Hospital, Dept. of nuclear medicine Rigshospitalet

ID: 30787277