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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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M.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University ofCopenhagen,Denmark(2001)

Ph.D in Health Sciences from the University ofCopenhagen,Denmark(2004)

Research experience     

1996 - 1997       Student assistent at Center for Clinical and Basic Research

1998 - 1999       Center for Clinical and Basic Research

1999 - 2000       Student assistent at RefLab Aps,Copenhagen

1999 - 2001       M.Sc student at Allergy Clinic,Copenhagen

2001 - 2004       Ph.D. student at Allergy Clinic,Copenhagen

2005 - 2007       Post doc. at Laboratory of Allergic Diseases,NIH,USA

2007 - 2008       Post doc. at RefLab ApS,Copenhagen

2008 -               Research scientist at the Allergy Clinic, Rigshospitalet/Gentofte Hospital

Research areas

Human mast cells and baophils


Immuno-based assays, protein chemistry

Main research areas

Immunology; allergy; mast cells; basophils

Current research

Phenotyping mast cells from different tissues; Il-3 signaling in human basophils; Histaminase activity in blood cells

Potential conflicts of interest


ID: 30786291