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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Reproductive Biology; Fetal gonad development; Testicular function in fetal life; Germ cell differentiation and regulation of meiosis signaling; Tissue culture models, Pathogenesis of testicular germ cell tumors; Disorders of Sex Development; Male reproductive disorders; Spermatogenesis and spermatogonial stem cells.


Main research areas

I am interested in the regulatory principles governing gonadal development in humans, from characterization of the molecular switches initiating sex determination and differentiation to organogenesis leading to the development of testes or ovaries from the bipotential gonads. In particular, my recent work has focused on the regulation of signaling cascades involved in fetal germ cell differentiation and meiosis signaling, with the aim of understanding both basic physiology as well as the molecular events causing disorders of sex development (DSD). Also, I am interested in the pathogenesis of testicular germ cell cancer and gonadal dysgenesis, in particular to characterize the precursor cell of testicular germ cell tumours called germ cell neoplasia in situ (GCNIS).


Current research

I am currently investigating mechanisms leading to the arrest of normal fetal gonocyte differentiation and development of GCNIS cells using an ex vivo culture model of human fetal testis. In particular, the mechanisms that normally secure correct differentiation from gonocyte to pre-spermatogonia are investigated.

Potential conflicts of interest


ID: 30784239