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Psykiatrisk Center Ballerup - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Aims and objectives

Mental Health Center Ballerup is one of the major psychiatric treatment units in the Capital Region of Denmark. We conduct research within three research areas:

  • Transcultural psychiatry
  • Eating disorders
  • Recovery processes

The overall ambition is to improve the treatment for our patients through internationally recognised research.  

Focus areas

Transcultural psychiatry: How to provide effective treatment for trauma-affected refugees and to study the influence of cultural factors on the development, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in migrants.

Eating Disorders: Clinical and biomarker research to increase our understanding of the pathophysiology of Eating Disorders, and improve prognosis, increase the response to treatment, and identify molecular targets for treatment. 

Recovery processes: To develop evidence based methods to improve the patients individual recovery processes, and investigate how integration of patient perspectives can improve the clinical practice.    


Disciplines, methods and tools


  • Clinical research
  • Qualitative research
  • Basic research

Methods and tools:

  • Randomized clinical trials
  • Longitudinal follow-up-studies
  • Register based research
  • Qualitative interviews
  • Biomarker trials



Useful links

Our research within transcultural psychiatry
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Contact information

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