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Psychology, Play Therapy and Social Counselling, Department of - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital

Psychology, Play Therapy and Social Counselling, Department of

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Aims and objectives

The department specialises in identifying specific psychological reactions in connecting with serious diseases or rare disorders, and in initiating focused and targeted intervention and treatment. The department also researches in this field as well as in adjacent fields.The services of the department include advisory services, support and treatment for parents, children and families and examinations and tests of children and pedagogical activities for children.?

Research areas

The research areas of The Department of Psychology, Social Therapy and Social Counselling includes:
  • ?Research into women’s and men’s psychological states during pregnancy, delivery and infancy - including Postpartum Depression
  • Children exposed to sexual abuse and their families
  • Victims of rape or victims of attempted rape
  • Fathers' relationships with infants and young children
  • Men's health and diseases
  • Sick children and their families
  • Parents who lose a child



Focus areas

The department is currently involved in the following research projects:
  • Detection of mood disorders in women and men during pregnancy, delivery and infancy
  • Treatment of fathers with postpartum depression - specific treatment models
  • Children exposed to sexual abuse over the Internet
  • Late sequelae of cancer treatment in children
  • Psycho-social needs of children with chronic conditions, including Cystic Fibrosis
  • Testing of a treatment model for sexually assaulted people with cognitive disorders
  • When life is at stake
  • Men undergoing fertility treatment
  • Development of training programmes for health professionals in working with male patients
  • Psychological issues regarding young children subjected to sexual abuse
  • FIT (Feedback Informed Treatment) - project to evaluate psychotherapy with ORS and SRS.



Contact information

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