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Cardiology, Nephrology and Endocrinology, Department of - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital

Cardiology, Nephrology and Endocrinology, Department of

Organisational unit: Department

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Organisation profile

Aims and objectives

To conduct clinical, experimental and epidemiological investigator-initiated research at an international level.


Focus areas

Division of Cardiology:

- Mechanisms of social inequalities in rehabilitation in patients with acute coronary syndrome

- Partial oral treatment of endocarditis

- Diagnostic Imaging Strategies for Patients With Stable Chest Pain and Intermediate Risk of Coronary Artery Disease

Division of Endocrinology:

- Acute diabetology

- Diabetic late complications.

  - Diabetes technology 

- Obstructive sleep apnoea in diabetes

- Treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.

Division of nephrology:

- Magnesium in chronic kidney disease.

- Polycystic kidney disease.

- Infections during peritoneal dialysis.



Disciplines, methods and tools

Clinical Research Units: Participation in several industry sponsored, multicenter studies within cardiology and endocrinology.

Experimental clinical research: glucose clamp, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pump therapy, infrared thermography, EEG, Holter-monitoring, cognitive function tests, testing for obstructive sleep apnea, muscle biopsy.

Observational cohort studies.

Broad experience with pre- and postgraduate mentorship.



Contact information

ID: 369