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Haematology, Department of - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital

Haematology, Department of

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Aims and objectives

Our main goal  is to improve the outcome of treatment for haematological cancer patients.

To do this we will:

Characterise and target haematological cancer stem cells in collaborations with Finsen laboratory and BRIC

Monitor imaging and molecular changes that characterise disease entities, predict out come of treatment and guide tailored treatment.

Design and conduct clinical Phase I-III trials



Focus areas

Basic/translational research:

Characterization and targeting of  haematological cancer stem cells 

For all diseases we will design and conduct Phase I-III international  clinical trials ,

Additional, disease specific strategies:


Continue our patient involvement program with further development of home-based treatment with chemotherapy


Translational programme on scientifically based epigenetic therapy and immune modulation with the VARI, Stand UP2 Cancer, Epigentics Dream Team and the Nordic MDS group.


Malignant lymphoma:

 MRD testing and translational studies on MCL genetics/ epigenetics

Development of PET-response adapted treatment strategies.


Machine Learning in CLL based on Big Data – Development of individually tailored treatment algorithms

Multiple myeloma:

 Translations research will focus on immune paresis, epigenetic/genetic variants and drug response prediction


Allogeneic stem cell transplantation:

Transplant programs for alternative donors, implement a myeloablative regimen with reduced toxcicity . Clinical and translational research and immune reconstitution, infections and Graft versus Host Disease.


Basic granulocyte research

Regulation of processing of azurophil granule proteins.

Disciplines, methods and tools

FACS sorting og hematiopoietic stem and progenitor cells

Xenograft mouse models.

 High-through-put screening: molecular changes and chemosensitivity


MRD monitoring

Immune modulation 

Big data management

Phase I-III clinical trials



Contact information

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