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Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Department of - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Organisation profile

  • Mode of delivery
  • Induction of labor
  • Prevention of, consequences from and complications after gynecologic and obstetric surgery 
  • Risk of disease associated with use of female sex steroids
  • Early pregnancy complications
  • Diabetes in pregnancy
  • COVID-19 in pregnancy
  • Activity restriction and physical activity in pregnancy


Clinical studies and epidemiological research



Ellen Løkkegaard, Professor, Consultant, PhD,           

Tlf nr  +45 48 296249  





 Ellen Løkkegaard, Consultant, PhD, 

+45 48 296249



Klinisk Forskningslektor:

Tine Dalsgaard Clausen, Consultant, PhD,                  



Jane Bendix, Midwife, MSci, PhD


Paul Axelsson Bryde, MD, PhD



Anne Ostenfeldt, MD


Morten Rosenberg Eskildsen, MD


Betina Ristorp Andersen, Consultant, MD


Signe de Place Knudsen, Physiotherapist, MSci


Anne Dsane Andersen, cand.scient.san.publ


Cathrine Scheuer, MD




Andet forskningsaktivt personale:

Annette Settnes, Consultant, PhD

Hanne Brix Christensen, Consultant, PhD

Lars Franch Andersen, Consultant, PhD

Pernille Nørgaard, Consultant

Birgit Bødker, Consultant


Contact information

ID: 367