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Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Organisation profile

Aims and objectives

We aim to unravel the neural dynamics across life span that drive brain development and ageing and cause brain disorders. We also advance our understanding of how therapeutic interventions act on the brain, paving the way for personalised treatment of brain disorders.

Focus areas

We focus on innovative research and methodological development at the highest international level in order to push the frontiers of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based research through innovations in MRI technology and its biomedical applications.

We have a clinical focus in order to promote the use of innovative MRI technology in clinical practice and research for the benefit of patients and society.

Disciplines, methods and tools

We use MRI including ultra-high field MRI and EEG to image and monitor the brain. We stimulate the brain using non-invasive transcranial brain stimulation. We use and develop uni- and multivariate data analysis techniques to realize the full potential of multi modal imaging data.

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Danish Reserch Centre for Magnetic Resonance
Hvidovre Hospital

Contact information

Hvidovre Hospital DRCMR - 714 Kettegård Allé 30 2650 Hvidovre Denmark
  • Phone: 4538621184

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