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Neuroanaesthesiology, Department of - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Aims and objectives

Our vision is to be World class leader in

  • research within neuroanaesthesiology and neurointensive care
  • research- and evidence-based support of central nervous system function during anaesthesia and intensive care
  • research into and evidence-based strategies for patients with chronic respiratory insufficiency and home ventilator support
  • research into and treatment of chronic non-malignant pain

Our mission 

The Department of Neuroanaesthesiology conducts research in and provides research-based therapy at the highest possible level for

  • patients undergoing anaesthesia for neurosurgical, neurointerventional radiological and neuroradiological procedures
  • patients with neurocritical illness
  • patients with chronic respiratory insufficiency and home-ventilator dependency
  • patients with chronic non-malignant pain

Focus areas

Multimodal neuromonitoring during anaesthesia and intensive care

Pathophysiology of acute brain injury (traumatic brain injury, aneurysmal subarachnoid and spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage)

Delirium in patients with acute brain injury

Assessing consciousness in neurocritically ill patients

Patient trajectories in neurocritical illness from the hyperacute to the rehabilitation phase

Empowerment of patients, families and significant others

Anaesthesia for neurosurgery, neurointerventional radiology and neuroradiology

Treatment of and care for patients with chronic respiratory insufficiency and home-ventilator dependency

Opioid dependency in patients with chronic non-malignant pain

Transition between acute and chronic pain

Novel treatments and strategies for chronic pain


Disciplines, methods and tools

Measurement of intracranial pressure and brain tissue oxygen tension

Continuous electroencephalography and electrocorticography

Intracerebral microdialysis (to be implemented)

Functional and structural neuroimaging (fMRI and MRI)

Spinal cord stimulation

Qualitative methods

Registry-based methods


Useful links

Website, The Pain Clinic

Contact information

ID: 32705619