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The Lundbeck Foundation Investigator Network
A new initiative designed to strengthen Danish neuroscience by connecting people and disciplines.


What is LFIN?
The Lundbeck Foundation Investigator Network (LFIN) will consist of approximately 30 early to mid-career scientists (from postdocs to junior faculty) working in Denmark and in any field of neuroscience (from basic to clinical). The network will also include investigators working in other disciplines who are keen to apply their expertise to a neuroscience research question. Such disciplines could include, but are not limited to, computer science, data science, engineering, physics, mathematics, chemistry, humanities, and social sciences.

What is the purpose LFIN?
The network has two main goals: To developing new areas of multidisciplinary neuroscience research in Denmark, to help young investigators realise their scientific potential.

To realise these goals, LFIN will engage in initiatives that foster the development of working relationships among network members that span scientific institutions and disciplines in Denmark. Members of LFIN will also receive training in topics that are relevant for their career and personal development.

What will LFIN do?
LFIN members will participate in two meetings per year. Each meeting will last 1-to-2 days. The first meeting will focus on the formation of collaborative and multidisciplinary working rela- tionships between LFIN members and to provide career training and workshops. The second meeting will take the form of a scientific conference with a neuroscience focus and whose format and topic will be decided by LFIN members.

What are the incentives to join LFIN?
The network will foster the establishment of collaborations and relationships that enable network members to tackle new neuroscience research questions that require a multidisciplinary approach. Network members will be eligible to apply for dedicated seed funding to support collaborative and interdisciplinary projects.
Members of the network will receive training organised and funded by the Lundbeck Foundation. However, the nature of the training will be chosen by LFIN members themselves. Examples of training could include workshops on grant writing and giving job talks, lab leadership and management, commercialisation of ideas, non-academic career paths, public engagement, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Each year, network members will organise scientific meetings enabling network members to engage with the broader national and international neuroscience community.
Composition and tenure
The network will consist of approximately 30 members. Network membership will last for four years, and 15 new members will be recruited every two years.

How much will it cost to be a member of LFIN?
LFIN members will cover costs of travel to and from the network meetings. All other costs associated with network activities will be covered by the Lundbeck Foundation. The Lundbeck Foundation will also serve as the administrative centre for LFIN’s activities.

LFIN’s ethos
Network members will be strongly encouraged to participate in setting the network’s agenda, direction and activities. LFIN should be run for and by the network members themselves.
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