Usurering af osteosyntesemateriale gennem øsofagus efter anterior cervikalkirurgi

Julie Therese Wiis, Henrietta Carolina Nittby, Anne Oberg Lauritsen


    The rare, potentially life-threatening complication to anterior cervical surgery, oesophageal perforation, occurs after surgical trauma or due to erosion by migrating hardware. Symptoms are hoarseness, dysphagia, neck/throat pain, subcutaneous emphysema and fever. Imaging and endoscopic diagnosis can give false negative results. We present a case of a 74-year-old male, who was readmitted with sepsis and abscess in the operation area three weeks after anterior cervical surgery. Veillonella parvula was found in the abscess material and computed tomography confirmed the diagnosis of oesophageal perforation.

    Bidragets oversatte titelOesophageal perforation of osteosynthesis material after anterior cervical surgery.
    TidsskriftUgeskrift for læger [online]
    Udgave nummer25A
    StatusUdgivet - 15 dec. 2014


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