Udredning af børn med urinvejsinfektion. Spiller intravenøs urografi stadig en rolle?

A Hansen, A Wagner, L D Lavard, J T Nielsen

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Ninety children referred to hospital with urinary tract infections (UTI) were investigated by intravenous urography (IVU), ultrasonography (US) and 99m-Tc dimercaptosuccinic acid scan (DMSA). Fifty-eight children also had a micturition cystourethrography performed. In 36 (40%) of the children at least one result was abnormal. In 29 children IVU was abnormal, 10 had abnormal US and 16 had abnormal DMSA. Six of the 58 children had vesicoureteric reflux in eight kidneys. In 16 children IVU was the only examination with an abnormal result, and in ten of these the findings were considered important for treatment or prognosis. In conclusion, IVU is an important supplement to US and DMSA in investigation programs for children with UTI. IVU should be performed in cases of renal scarring or dilatation and in children with recurrent infections.
Bidragets oversatte titel[Study of children with urinary tract infections. Does intravenous urography play any role?]
TidsskriftUgeskr Laeger
Udgave nummer3
Sider (fra-til)274-277
Antal sider4
StatusUdgivet - 1996