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Traning raters for assessment of MBT adherence and competence: Experiences from a Danish traning project

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Background: Previously, the developers of the MBT adherence and competence scale (MBT-ACS) have demonstrated that it is possible to train raters to an acceptable level of reliability. However, no studies of training or reliability have been conducted outside the Norwegian Quality Laboratory for Mentalization-Based Treatment. The aim of this project is to gather experience with regards to training and to test whether it is possible to replicate acceptable reliability within a clinical setting outside the quality laboratory.
Methods: Six Danish raters were trained in MBT-ACS. During a six month period videos of MBT therapy were rated and sent to the Norwegian Quality Laboratory to assure correspondence with a gold standard. Raters were blind to each other’s scores. Reliability was calculated using the Intraclass correlation coefficient.
Results: Experiences and results will be presented at the conference
Publikationsdato15 okt. 2015
StatusUdgivet - 15 okt. 2015
BegivenhedPersonality Disorders Across the Lifespan: ISSPD XIV - Montreal, Canada
Varighed: 13 okt. 201516 okt. 2015


KonferencePersonality Disorders Across the Lifespan


Personality Disorders Across the Lifespan: ISSPD XIV


Montreal, Canada

Begivenhed: Konference

ID: 46194942