TNF-α-induced down-regulation of CDX2 suppresses MEP1A expression in colitis

Mehmet Coskun, Anders Krüger Olsen, Thomas Lindebo Holm, Peter Helding Kvist, Ole Haagen Nielsen, Lene Buhl Riis, Jørgen Lillelund Olsen, Jesper Thorvald Troelsen

33 Citationer (Scopus)


High levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines are linked to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The transcription factor Caudal-related homeobox transcription factor 2 (CDX2) plays a crucial role in differentiation of intestinal epithelium and regulates IBD-susceptibility genes, including meprin 1A (MEP1A). The aim was to investigate the expression of CDX2 and MEP1A in colitis; to assess if they are regulated by tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), and finally to reveal if CDX2 is involved in a TNF-α-induced down-regulation of MEP1A.
TidsskriftB B A - Molecular Basis of Disease
Udgave nummer6
Sider (fra-til)843-51
Antal sider9
StatusUdgivet - 2012


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