The value of 18F-FDG-PET-CT in the management of infective native aortic aneurysms

Daniel Hannsberger, Ivika Heinola, Pietro Giovanni di Summa, Karl Sörelius

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OBJECTIVE: The objective of this systematic literature review was to explore the value of positron emission tomography combined with low-dose computed tomography (18F-FDG-PET-CT) in the diagnostics of infective native aortic aneurysm (INAA).

METHODS: A systematic literature review was performed using the search terms mycotic- and infected aortic aneurysms in Medline and Sciencedirect databases, published between 1 January 2000 and 1 January 2020. Using the PRISMA statement, articles were scrutinized according to a predefined protocol including: timing of 18F-FDG-PET-CT examination, the maximum standardized uptake value (SUVmax), additional findings on examination, and findings on repeated scanning of 18F-FDG-PET-CT.

RESULTS: Four studies were included in the analysis, comprising a total of 11 patients. Two studies were single case reports, and two were small case series, all were graded to be of low quality with high risk of bias. All patients were examined with a preoperative 18F-FDG-PET-CT, and 10 (91%) had increased 18F-FDG uptakes. The median SUVmax value was 6.53, range 4.46-9.23. The mean duration of antibiotic therapy prior to 18F-FDG-PET-CT was not known. Two patients were examined with repeated 18F-FDG-PET-CT examinations after treatment, where a decrease in SUVmax values could be demonstrated after successful treatment.

CONCLUSION: The literature on 18F-FDF-PET/CT for diagnosing infective native aortic aneurysms is scarce. However, there might be a role for 18F-FDF-PET/CT in the management of the disease, in particular for patients with clinical suspicion of INAA without convincing findings on CT. SUVmax values ranging from 4.5 to 6.5 could be guiding and suggestive of metabolic activity in agreement of INAA. However, further conclusions on its usefulness, robustness and specific SUVmax values are premature, and a definitive cut-off value is probably not attainable.

Udgave nummer6
Sider (fra-til)801-807
Antal sider7
StatusUdgivet - dec. 2021


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