The Neurogenome study: Comprehensive molecular profiling to optimize treatment for Danish glioblastoma patients


BACKGROUND: Glioblastoma is an aggressive brain cancer with no possibility for cure. Treatment and survival have only improved slightly since 2005 when the current regime was implemented. The limited improvements in the treatment of glioblastoma may reflect our poor understanding of the disease. We hypothesize that systematically collected translational data will improve knowledge and hereby treatment.

METHODS: We have been performing whole exome sequencing in glioblastoma tumor tissue since 2016 and whole genome sequencing (WGS) since 2020 with the aim of offering experimental treatment.

RESULTS: We have sequenced 400+ GBM patients and from these 100+ are paired tumor samples from relapse surgery. To develop genomic profiling and to increase the information on each patient´s contribution, we have initiated the Neurogenome study as of June 2022. The Neurogenome protocol is a national, comprehensive, translational, and omic protocol. It is a continuation of 2 previous protocols from 2016 and forth in our department, but with more substudies added, focusing on the translational and clinical utility. We collect and analyze data from an out-patient clinic in a systematic approach to a number of subprojects ranging from basic science to applied clinical science, including clinical trials.

CONCLUSIONS: The protocol will act as a backbone for future projects in the national research center, Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center-Brain Tumor Center with the overall aim to select eligible patients for experimental treatment based upon genomic alterations. The article will present the Neurogenome setup and a presentation of selected projects that are based upon inclusion.

TidsskriftNeuro-Oncology Advances
Udgave nummer1
StatusUdgivet - 2023


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