Termoablation af hjernetumorer

Irena Jankovic, Jiri Bartek, Margret Jensdottir, Frantz Rom Poulsen, Christian Bonde Pedersen, Bjarne Winther Kristensen, Tine Schytte, Thomas Lund Andersen, Louise Langhorn, Ole Graumann, Willy Krone, Bo Halle


The diagnosis of a malignant brain tumour is often associated with a poor prognosis. Current treatment is surgical resection followed by radio-chemotherapy. Surgical resection is most favourable in relation to survival time. Unfortunately, many patients are not suitable for surgical resection, due to inoperable tumour location or the patients' poor state. Minimally invasive thermal ablation may pose an interesting new treatment alternative. In this review, we describe the evolution, the underlying physiology and the clinical applications of cryo- and laser-induced thermal therapy of primary and secondary brain tumours.

Bidragets oversatte titelThermal ablation of brain tumours
TidsskriftUgeskrift for Laeger
Udgave nummer28
StatusUdgivet - 6 jul. 2020
Udgivet eksterntJa


  • Brain Neoplasms/surgery
  • Catheter Ablation
  • Humans


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