Swings and roundabouts? Pupils’ experiences of social and academic well-being in education outside the classroom

Anna Holm Jørring, Mads Bølling, Glen Nielsen, Matthew Peter Stevenson, Peter Bentsen

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We investigated how pupils experience education outside the classroom (EOtC) as it relates to their social and academic well-being. A Danish 6th grade class were taught twice a week for nine months using EOtC. We sampled five academically low- and five high-achieving pupils from the class and conducted qualitative observations and interviews with those pupils. We found that EOtC can positively influence pupils’ social well-being regardless of academic level; however, the learning environment and required autonomy in EOtC may distract low-achieving pupils, particularly boys. Pupils’ academic level in the classroom was related to their academic well-being in EOtC and EOtC might strengthen academic exclusion. Therefore, we conclude that EOtC may not have an unambiguously positive influence on pupils’ social and academic well-being.
TidsskriftEducation 3-13
Udgave nummer4
StatusUdgivet - 9 maj 2019