Suture or Mesh Repair of the Smallest Umbilical Hernias: A Nationwide Database Study

the Danish Hernia Database


BACKGROUND: Mesh is recommended for umbilical hernias with defects > 1 cm to reduce recurrence. For umbilical hernias with defect width ≤ 1 cm, the literature is sparse. The aim of this nationwide cohort study was to assess outcomes after suture and mesh repair of umbilical hernias with defect width ≤ 1 cm and to evaluate outcomes after onlay mesh repair specifically.

METHODS: By merging data from the Danish Hernia Database and the National Patients Registry from 2007 to 2018, patients undergoing elective open repair of an umbilical hernia with defect width ≤ 1 cm were identified. Available data included details about comorbidity, surgical technique, 90-day readmission, 90-day reoperation and operation for recurrence.

RESULTS: A total of 7849 patients were included, of whom 25.7% (2013/7849) underwent mesh repair. Reoperation for recurrence was significantly decreased after mesh repair 3.1% (95% C.I. 2.1-4.1) compared with suture repair 6.7% (95% C.I. 6.0-7.4), P < 0.001. Readmission and reoperation rates were significantly higher for mesh repair 7.9% (159/2013) and 2.6% (52/2013) than for suture repair 6.5% (381/5836) and 1.5% (89/5836), P = 0.036 and P = 0.002, respectively. Onlay mesh repairs had the lowest risk of recurrence 2.0% (95% C.I. 0.6-3.5), and readmission [7.9% (65/826)] and reoperation [3.9% (32/826)] rates within 90 days were comparable to suture repairs [6.5% (381/5836)] and [3.3% (192/5836)], P = 0.149 and P = 0.382, respectively.

CONCLUSIONS: Even for the smallest umbilical hernias, mesh repair significantly decreased the recurrence rate. Onlay mesh repair was associated with lowest risk of recurrence without increasing early complications.

TidsskriftWorld Journal of Surgery
Udgave nummer8
Sider (fra-til)1898-1905
Antal sider8
StatusUdgivet - aug. 2022


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