One-year volume growth of abdominal aortic aneurysms measured by extended field-of-view ultrasound

Alexander H Zielinski*, Kim K Bredahl, Qasam M Ghulam, Magdalena A Broda, Laurence Rouet, Cecile Dufour, Henrik H Sillesen, Jonas P Eiberg

*Corresponding author af dette arbejde


BACKGROUND: Measurement of volume has the potential to detect subtle growth not recognized in the current surveillance paradigm of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs). Currently available three-dimensional ultrasound allows for estimation of AAA volume, but for most patients, the AAA extends beyond the ultrasound field-of-view and only allows visualization of a partial AAA volume. A new extended field-of-view three-dimensional ultrasound protocol (XFoV US) has been found to improve the proportion of patients with visualization of the full AAA volume.

METHODS: To investigate the applicability of the XFoV US protocol in estimating AAA volume growth in follow-up, 86 patients with AAAs were recruited from the surveillance program at a university hospital. All were imaged by XFoV US at baseline and at one-year follow-up.

RESULTS: Assessment of full volume, based on visualization of the AAA neck and bifurcation at both baseline and one-year follow-up, was achieved in 67/86 (78%) of patients. One-year mean growth in maximum diameter was 2.8 mm (6%/year), in centerline length 2.9 mm (4%/year), and in volume 15.9 mL (19%/year). In 17/67 (25%) of patients, volume growth was detected in diameter-stable AAAs. Baseline XFoV US volume was associated with one-year AAA volume growth, while, conversely, maximum baseline diameter was not associated with one-year AAA diameter growth.

CONCLUSIONS: This study concludes that the XFoV US protocol provides a safe and repeatable modality for assessing AAA volume growth, and that AAA volume is a promising predictive measure of AAA growth.

TidsskriftInternational angiology : a journal of the International Union of Angiology
Udgave nummer1
Sider (fra-til)80-87
Antal sider8
StatusUdgivet - feb. 2023


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