Morbidity and mortality of childhood- and adolescent-onset epilepsy: A controlled national study

Poul Jennum, Line Pickering Boserup, Jakob Christensen, Rikke Ibsen, Jakob Kjellberg

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PURPOSE: Epilepsy is associated with significant morbidities and mortality. We aimed to evaluate the 30-year morbidities and mortality in a national group of patients after a first diagnosis of epilepsy.

METHODS: From the Danish National Patient Registry (NPR), in total, 3123 patients with epilepsy aged 0-5years and 5018 patients aged 6-20years diagnosed in 1998-2002 were identified and compared with, respectively, 6246 and 10,036 persons matched for age, gender, and place of living with randomly chosen citizens from the Danish Civil Registration System Statistics. In the NPR, all morbidities in the following 30years were grouped into major WHO disease classes.

KEY FINDINGS: Patients with epilepsy had significantly higher rates of comorbidities including almost all health-related comorbidities compared with controls. Mortality rates were elevated: the hazard ratio (5%; 95% CI) was 14.46 (11.8; 17.7, p<0.001) and 5.58 (4.9; 6.4, P<0.001) for patients aged 0-5years and 6-20years at first diagnosis of epilepsy, respectively.

SIGNIFICANCE: Epilepsy is associated with significant comorbidities and mortality including all health care domains, especially among persons who were young at the onset of epilepsy.

TidsskriftEpilepsy and Behavior
Sider (fra-til)80-85
Antal sider6
StatusUdgivet - 2017


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