Microbreaks in Laparoscopic Appendectomy has No Effect on Surgeons’ Performance and Well-being

Laurits Schou Kromberg, Niels Vinkel Kildebro, Laura Quitzau Mortensen, Ilda Amirian, Jacob Rosenberg

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BACKGROUND: Musculoskeletal fatigue and pain as a consequence of performing surgery is found in 70%-87% of surgeons. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of microbreaks on surgeons' performance and well-being during laparoscopic appendectomy.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study was a blinded randomized crossover trial. Twelve surgeons were tested at three time points: Before surgery (baseline), after surgery without intervention, and after surgery where microbreaks were used every 10 min for 10 s. The musculoskeletal endurance test was used as the primary outcome. Performance was assessed by procedure length and a manual precision test. The surgeons' well-being was measured by level of exhaustion rated on the Borg CR10 scale and visual analog scale ratings for musculoskeletal discomfort in the neck, shoulders, back, wrists, and legs.

RESULTS: No significant differences were found in musculoskeletal endurance, procedure time, or the manual precision test. The level of exhaustion was significantly increased after both normal procedures (P = 0.01) and procedures with microbreaks (P = 0.03). However, no significant difference was found between the two (P = 0.25). There was a significant increase from baseline regarding self-reported musculoskeletal discomfort in the back, shoulders, and legs after surgery but no significant differences between procedures with and without microbreaks.

CONCLUSIONS: This study did not find a positive effect of microbreaks on laparoscopic appendectomy. Exhaustion and discomfort were present after surgery, demonstrating that short surgical procedures (less than 60 min) can result in fatigue in surgeons.

TidsskriftThe Journal of surgical research
Sider (fra-til)1-5
Antal sider5
StatusUdgivet - jul. 2020


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