Median of patient results as a tool for assessment of analytical stability

Lars Mønster Jørgensen, Steen Ingemann Hansen, Per Hyltoft Petersen, Georg Söletormos

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BACKGROUND: In spite of the well-established external quality assessment and proficiency testing surveys of analytical quality performance in laboratory medicine, a simple tool to monitor the long-term analytical stability as a supplement to the internal control procedures is often needed.

METHOD: Patient data from daily internal control schemes was used for monthly appraisal of the analytical stability. This was accomplished by using the monthly medians of patient results to disclose deviations from analytical stability, and by comparing divergences with the quality specifications for allowable analytical bias based on biological variation.

RESULTS: Seventy five percent of the twenty analytes achieved on two COBASs INTEGRA 800 instruments performed in accordance with the optimum and with the desirable specifications for bias.

DISCUSSION: Patient results applied in analytical quality performance control procedures are the most reliable sources of material as they represent the genuine substance of the measurements and therefore circumvent the problems associated with non-commutable materials in external assessment.

CONCLUSION: Patient medians in the monthly monitoring of analytical stability in laboratory medicine are an inexpensive, simple and reliable tool to monitor the steadiness of the analytical practice.

TidsskriftClinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry
Sider (fra-til)186-191
StatusUdgivet - 25 apr. 2015


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