Markers of inflammation predict survival in newly diagnosed cirrhosis: a prospective registry study

Thit Mynster Kronborg, Henry Webel, Malene Barfod O'Connell, Karen Vagner Danielsen, Lise Hobolth, Søren Møller, Rasmus Tanderup Jensen, Flemming Bendtsen, Torben Hansen, Simon Rasmussen, Helene Bæk Juel, Nina Kimer


The inflammatory activity in cirrhosis is often pronounced and related to episodes of decompensation. Systemic markers of inflammation may contain prognostic information, and we investigated their possible correlation with admissions and mortality among patients with newly diagnosed liver cirrhosis. We collected plasma samples from 149 patients with newly diagnosed (within the past 6 months) cirrhosis, and registered deaths and hospital admissions within 180 days. Ninety-two inflammatory markers were quantified and correlated with clinical variables, mortality, and admissions. Prediction models were calculated by logistic regression. We compared the disease courses of our cohort with a validation cohort of 86 patients with cirrhosis. Twenty of 92 markers of inflammation correlated significantly with mortality within 180 days (q-values of 0.00-0.044), whereas we found no significant correlations with liver-related admissions. The logistic regression models yielded AUROCs of 0.73 to 0.79 for mortality and 0.61 to 0.73 for liver-related admissions, based on a variety of modalities (clinical variables, inflammatory markers, clinical scores, or combinations thereof). The models performed moderately well in the validation cohort and were better able to predict mortality than liver-related admissions. In conclusion, markers of inflammation can be used to predict 180-day mortality in patients with newly diagnosed cirrhosis. Prediction models for newly diagnosed cirrhotic patients need further validation before implementation in clinical practice.Trial registration: NCT04422223 (and NCT03443934 for the validation cohort), and Scientific Ethics Committee No.: H-19024348.

TidsskriftScientific Reports
Udgave nummer1
StatusUdgivet - 16 nov. 2023


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