Mapping the stem cell state: eight novel human embryonic stem and embryonal carcinoma cell antibodies

A Wright, N Andrews, K Bardsley, J E Nielsen, K Avery, E Pewsey, M Jones, D Harley, A R Nielsen, H Moore, P Gokhale, E Rajpert-De Meyts, P W Andrews, J Walsh, N J Harrison

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The antigenic profile of human embryonic stem (ES) and embryonal carcinoma (EC) cells has served as a key element of their characterization, with a common panel of surface and intracellular markers now widely used. Such markers have been used to identify cells within the 'undifferentiated state', yet it appears that this categorization may be an oversimplification, because a number of sub-states appear to exist within this state. To increase the resolution of the undifferentiated state, we have generated eight novel monoclonal antibodies, all capable of recognizing undifferentiated human ES and EC cells, and herein describe their characterization. The reactivity of these antibodies against a range of cell lines is reported, as well as their developmental regulation, basic biochemistry and reactivity in immunohistochemistry of testicular germ cell tumours. Our data reveal a range of reactivity for all antibodies against both ES and EC cells, suggesting that these markers will afford recognition of unique sub-states within the undifferentiated stem cell compartment.
TidsskriftInternational Journal of Andrology
Udgave nummer4 Pt 2
Sider (fra-til)e175-87; discussion e187-8
StatusUdgivet - 1 aug. 2011


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