Intravascular Endothelin-1 does not trigger or increase susceptibility to Spreading Depolarizations

Kazutaka Sugimoto, Andreia Morais, Homa Sadeghian, Tao Qin, David Y Chung, Messoud Ashina, Anders Hougaard, Cenk Ayata

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OBJECTIVES: Spreading depolarizations (SD) likely manifest as aura in migraineurs. Triggers are unknown although vascular events have been implicated. Direct carotid puncture has been reported to trigger migraine with aura. The potent vasoconstrictor endothelin-1 (ET-1), which can be released from the endothelium under pathological conditions, may play a role. Here, we tested whether intracarotid ET-1 infusion triggers SD and whether systemic ET-1 infusion increases the susceptibility to SD.

METHODS: Carotid infusions were performed in mice (C57BL/6, male) through a catheter placed at the carotid bifurcation via the external carotid artery. Intracarotid ET-1 (1.25 nmol/ml) was infused at various rates (2-16 μl/min) with or without heparin in the catheter and compared with vehicle infusion (PBS with 0.01% acetic acid) or sham-operated mice (n = 5). Systemic infusions ET-1 (1 nmol/kg, n = 7) or vehicle (n = 7) infusions were performed in rats (Sprague-Dawley, male) via the tail vein. Electrical SD threshold and KCl-induced SD frequency were measured after the infusion.

RESULTS: Intracarotid infusion of saline (n = 19), vehicle (n = 7) or ET-1 (n = 12) all triggered SDs at various proportions (21%, 14% and 50%, respectively). These were often associated with severe hypoperfusion prior to SD onset. Heparinizing the infusion catheter completely prevented SD occurrence during the infusions (n = 8), implicating microembolization from carotid thrombi as the trigger. Sham-operated mice never developed SD. Systemic infusion of ET-1 did not affect the electrical SD threshold or KCl-induced SD frequency.

CONCLUSION: Intravascular ET-1 does not trigger or increase susceptibility to SD. Microembolization was the likely trigger for migraine auras in patients during carotid puncture.

TidsskriftJournal of Headache and Pain
Udgave nummer1
Sider (fra-til)127
StatusUdgivet - 2020


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