Improved Real-Time Quaking Induced Conversion for Early Diagnostics of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in Denmark

Remarh Bsoul, Eva Løbner Lund, Kimberley Burns, Mary Andrews, Neil McKenzie, Alison Green, Aušrinė Areškevičiūtė


Cerebrospinal fluid-based real-time quaking-induced conversion (CSF RT-QuIC) is currently the most prominent method for early detection of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (sCJD), the most common prion disease. CSF RT-QuIC delivers high sensitivity (>90%) and specificity (100%), which has been demonstrated by large ring-trial studies testing probable and definitive sCJD cohorts. Following the inclusion of CSF RT-QuIC in the revised European CJD Surveillance Network diagnostic criteria for sCJD, it has become a standard diagnostic procedure in many prion disease reference or surveillance centers around the world. In this study, we present the implementation of the second-generation CSF RT-QuIC (commonly known as Improved QuIC or IQ) at the Danish Reference Center for Prion Diseases (DRCPD). The method's sensitivity and specificity were evaluated and validated by analyzing 63 CSF samples. These 63 samples were also analyzed at the National CJD Research and Surveillance Unit (NCJDRSU), based at the University of Edinburgh, UK; analysis was carried out using the first generation or previous CSF RT-QuIC method (PQ). The sensitivity and specificity of PQ during tests at the NCJDRSU were 92% and 100%, respectively. Using these 63 CSF samples, the agreement between the two RT-QuIC generations at DRCPD and NCJDRSU prion laboratories was 100%.

TidsskriftInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences
Udgave nummer7
StatusUdgivet - 23 mar. 2023


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