Immunological investigations of the cerebrospinal fluid in patients with recent onset psychotic disorders: A study protocol

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BACKGROUND: Though many previous studies have indicated immunological alterations in psychotic disorders, the role and prevalence of neuroinflammation is still unknown. Studies previously investigating immune related biomarkers in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of these patients are mainly small studies on few markers, and many have not compared patients to healthy controls.

METHODS: We will conduct a large case-control study including at least 100 patients with recent onset psychotic disorders and 100 sex- and age matched healthy controls. The cases will include patients diagnosed with a psychotic disorder according to ICD-10 (F20/F22-29) within a year prior to inclusion. We will collect both CSF, blood and fecal samples, to gain insight into possible immunological alterations. The psychopathology of all participants will thoroughly be evaluated using the SCAN interview, and multiple rating scales covering different symptom groups. All participants will partake in a detailed neurological examination, including the Neurological Evaluation Scale assessing neurological soft signs. Additionally, we will assess cognitive functioning, evaluate quality of life and level of functioning, and collect data on a broad array of possible confounders. Our primary outcomes will include CSF leucocytes, CSF/serum albumin ratio, CSF total protein, IgG index, CSF levels of IL-6 and IL-8, and presence of antineuronal autoantibodies in CSF and blood. For our secondary outcomes, exploratory analyses will be performed on a broader panel of neuroimmunological markers. All participants will be invited for a follow-up visit to assess longitudinal changes. The current study is part of a larger CSF biobank build-up for severe mental disorders (PSYCH-FLAME).

DISCUSSION: This study will represent the largest investigation of CSF in patients with psychotic disorders compared to healthy controls to date. We expect the study to contribute with new, important knowledge on pathophysiological mechanisms, and to help pave the way for future investigations of individualized treatment options.

TRIAL REGISTRATION: The study is approved by The Regional Committee on Health Research Ethics (Capital Region, H-16030985) and The Danish Data Protection Agency ( RHP-2016-020, I-Suite no.: 04945).

TidsskriftPLoS One
Udgave nummer9
StatusUdgivet - sep. 2021


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