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Herpes simplex-virus type 1 påvist hos patient med herpes zoster

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskning

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In this case report we present an otherwise healthy 63 year-old male patient with herpes zoster corresponding to the 2nd left branch of the trigeminal nerve. Real time-polymerase chain reaction analyses were positive for both herpes simplex virus (HSV) type 1 and varicella zoster virus (VZV). The most probable explanation is that this reflects asymptomatic, latent expression of HSV-1 in a herpes zoster patient with no clinical relevance. Another hypothesis is that reactivation of a neurotropic herpes virus can reactivate another neurotropic virus if both types are present in the same ganglion. If co-infection with HSV/VZV is suspected the treatment regimen for herpes zoster will sufficiently treat a possible HSV infection also.
Bidragets oversatte titelHerpes simplex virus type 1 in a patient with herpes zoster
TidsskriftUgeskrift for Laeger
Udgave nummer7
Sider (fra-til)425-426
Antal sider2
StatusUdgivet - 2012

ID: 36872427