Fetal Cerebral Oxygenation Measurements by T2*-­‐mapping in Normal Pregnancies and in Pregnancies Complicated by Fetal Heart Defects

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Structural heart defects are associated with smaller cerebral size and markers of cerebral immaturity as early as in fetal life. Newborns with major heart defects often have visible lesions on cerebral MRI even before surgery and children with major congenital heart defects have increased risk of neurodevelopmental disorders. There are several reasons for this. We aim to explore if fetal cerebral oxygenation is compromised in fetal heart defects.
Materials and Methods
In BOLD MRI, the presence of deoxyhemoglobin decreases the signal. By using serial echo times in a breath-hold, T2* (msec) can be calculated and is presumed to be a proxy for tissue oxygenation. We performed serial T2* measurements at gestational age 30-32 and 36-38 weeks in healthy pregnant women expecting a child with a heart defect as well as in healthy controls expecting healthy singletons.
We aim to estimate
- if fetal cerebral T2* is reduced in fetal heart disease
- if maternal hyper oxygenation increases fetal cerebral T2*
- if low fetal cerebral T2* is associated with neurodevelopmental disorders at 18 and 36 months follow-up
We present the cerebral T2* in 11 fetuses with heart defects; transposition of the great arteries (5), coarctation of the aorta (2), tetralogy of fallot (1), hypoplastic right heart syndrome (1), common arterial trunk (1), double outlet right ventricle (1) and 31 healthy fetuses. The cerebral T2* value decreases with increasing gestational age. No difference in cerebral T2* between normal fetuses and fetuses with heart disease was detected, but here is a trend towards lower values.
Fetal cerebral T2*measurements are challenged by fetal movement and other artifacts.
In our study we found no significant difference in cerebral T2* between normal fetuses and fetuses with heart defects. Study and analysis are ongoing.
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