Exercise in patients with hip osteoarthritis - effects on muscle and functional performance: A randomized trial

Theresa Bieler, Asker Lau Røn Kristensen, Mette Nyberg, S Peter Magnusson, Michael Kjaer, Nina Beyer

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Background: It is believed that clinical management of osteoarthritis should address muscle weakness to improve physical function and prevent disability and frailty.Objectives: This sub-study investigated the effects of supervised progressive resistance training (RT), supervised Nordic Walking (NW), and unsupervised home-based exercise (HBE) on muscle and functional performance; and associations between these exercise-induced changes in persons with hip osteoarthritis.Methods: Forty-two patients with hip osteoarthritis were recruited from a larger RCT (NCT01387867). All the groups (RT, n = 15; NW, n = 12; HBE, n = 15) exercised 1 h 3 times/week for 4 months. Quadriceps cross-sectional area (QCSA, MRI-determined); quadriceps strength (QMVC); leg extensor power (LEP); functional performance (chair stands (30sCS); stair climbs (TSC); and 6-minute walk (6MWT)) were assessed at baseline and 4 months.Results: Per protocol analyses (one-way ANOVA and Bonferroni test) showed significant between-group differences for improvements in QCSA in the most symptomatic leg favoring RT versus NW (2.3 cm2, 95% CI [0.6, 3.9]) and HBE (2.3 cm2 [0.8, 3.9]); and 30sCS (1.8 repetitions [0.2-3.3]), and 6MWT (35.1 m [3.5-66.7]) favoring NW versus HBE. Associations existed between exercise-induced changes in QCSA and QMVC (r = 0.366, p = .019) for the most symptomatic leg and between changes in 6MWT and QMVC (r = 0.320, p = .04) and LEP (r = 0.381, p = .01), respectively, for the least symptomatic leg.Conclusions: Resistance training appeared effective for improving muscle mass, but less effective for improving muscle strength, power, and functional performance. Only exercise-induced changes in muscle strength and power of the least symptomatic leg, not the most symptomatic leg, were related to changes in functional performance.

TidsskriftPhysiotherapy Theory and Practice
Udgave nummer12
Sider (fra-til)1946-1957
Antal sider12
StatusUdgivet - dec. 2022


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