En randomiseret undersøgelse af effekten af telefonisk opfølgning efter hysterektomi i accelereret regime.

Mette Sørensen, Nete Hornnes, Charlotte Møller


EN RANDOMISERET KONTROLLERET UNDERSØGELSE AF EFFEKTEN AF TELEFONISK OPFØLGNING EFTER HYSTEREKTOMI I ACCELERERET REGIME. A randomised controlled trial of the effect of a telephone follow-up after hysterectomy in an accelerated stay program - Mette Sørensen, Projektsygeplejerske - Nete Hornnes, Forskningsleder, sygeplejerske, MPH. - Charlotte Møller, Læge, Ph.D. ABSTRACT An accelerated stay program has been used for all women referred to Hvidovre Hospital for hysterectomy since the year 2000. This has reduced the length of hospital stay, but do they need further follow-up or health care counselling after discharge? This randomised controlled trial includes 59 women hysterectomised. The intervention group (n=30) received a follow-up phone call four-six days after discharge. Both groups received a questionnaire two weeks after discharge including questions concerning unsolved problems and the women's need for further follow-up. Telephone interviews after two-four months revealed actual resumption of work and reasons for prolonged sick leave. There was no difference between the number of women with questions that remained unanswered or the need for a nurse initiated telephone follow-up in the two groups. The women resumed work after median 28 days in the trial group and after median 26 days in the control group. The planned telephone contact did not reduce the number of unsolved problems dramatically, probably because of the variation in time for occurrence of the problems. Considering the number of complications found in this and other studies, post discharge follow-up should be optional for all women after hysterectomy - also in an accelerated stay program. KEY WORDS: Hysterectomy, accelerated stay program, telephone follow-up, randomised controlled trial Lukk Vindu
TidsskriftVård i Norden
Udgave nummer3
Sider (fra-til)43-48
StatusUdgivet - 2005


  • hysterectomy, accelerated stay program, telephone follow-up, randomised controlled trial