Early and late readmissions after enhanced recovery thoracoscopic lobectomy

Lin Huang, Mikkel Nicklas Frandsen, Henrik Kehlet, René Horsleben Petersen*

*Corresponding author af dette arbejde


OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to describe the incidence of and reasons for early (0-30 days) and late (31-90 days) readmissions after enhanced recovery video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery lobectomy.

METHODS: We performed a retrospective analysis of prospectively collected consecutive VATS lobectomy data in an institutional database from January 2019 through December 2020. All reasons for readmission with complete follow-up were individually evaluated. Univariable and multivariable analyses were used to assess predictors.

RESULTS: In total, 508 patients were included; the median length of stay after the operation was 3 days. There were 77 (15%) early and 54 (11%) late readmissions, respectively. There were 33 (7%) multiple readmissions during postoperative days 0-90 ; pneumonia (19.8%) and pneumothorax (18.3%) were the dominant reasons for early readmissions, and the side effects of adjuvant chemotherapy (22.0%), for late readmissions. In multivariable analyses, current smoking (P = 0.001), alcohol abuse (P = 0.024) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (P = 0.019) were predictors of early readmissions, whereas Clavien-Dindo I-II grade gastrointestinal complications predicted late readmissions (P = 0.006) and multiple readmissions (P = 0.007). Early discharge (< 3 days) was not a predictor of readmissions. Early readmission did not increase late readmission.

CONCLUSIONS: Early and late readmissions after video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy are frequent even when enhanced recovery programmes are followed. Pulmonary complications and adjuvant chemotherapy are the most predominant reasons for early and late readmissions.

TidsskriftEuropean journal of cardio-thoracic surgery : official journal of the European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery
Udgave nummer3
StatusUdgivet - 3 aug. 2022


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