Dimensioning of the postgraduate educational training in Denmark

H Christensen, H Bundgaard, K Frederiksen, K Bech


BACKGROUND: Postgraduate medical training in Denmark consists of basic training, offered to all medical doctors, followed by specialist training. The National Board of Health is responsible for the overall frame of medical training in Denmark and determines the number of trainee positions for each of the 42 specialities available. The total number of positions and their distribution between specialities are based on demand, supply and demographic considerations. Approximately 85% of medical doctors finalise specialist training.

METHODS: Denmark is divided into three educational regions: North, South and East. Each region consists of counties, with their own administration. The National Board of Health approves each position for postgraduate training. All new positions and changes of existing positions are evaluated before approval by The National Board of Health. An updated version of the list of educational positions is available on the internet.

CONCLUSION: The Danish governmental authorities have an efficient tool to control the dimensioning of the postgraduate medical education and thereby the production of specialists. Medical doctors can easily get information about where to obtain trainee positions. The majority of hospital departments improve their recruitment potential by participating in medical training. A number of structural changes, for instance establishing of medical centres and corporations within larger entities across an extended geographic area, specialisation between hospitals and reduced number of hospitals, calls for decentralisation of the administration in order to improve flexibility in the organisation of postgraduate medical training. However, the National Board of Health will still co-ordinate at the national level.

TidsskriftCahiers de sociologie et de demographie medicales
Udgave nummer3-4
Sider (fra-til)305-11
Antal sider7
StatusUdgivet - 2001
Udgivet eksterntJa


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