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Diagnostic Performance of T2Candida Among ICU Patients With Risk Factors for Invasive Candidiasis

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review


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Background: Invasive candidiasis (IC) comprises candidemia and deep-seated candidiasis. Blood culture (BC) is the gold standard test, but sensitivity is low. T2Candida is a new diagnostic test. We investigated the performance of T2Candida, BC, and Candida mannan antigen (MAg) for detection of IC in a high-risk intensive care unit (ICU) population.

Methods: One-hundred twenty-six ICU patients at high risk of IC with sepsis despite 3 days of broad-spectrum antibiotics were included. Paired BC, T2Candida, and MAg were obtained twice weekly (334 sets). Patients were classified into proven, likely, possible, or unlikely IC based on patient record review.

Results: At enrollment, 92 (77%) patients were receiving antifungal therapy (mainly fluconazole 66%). Fifteen (11.9%) patients were positive by BC (n = 4), T2Candida (n = 11), or MAg (n = 10). The T2Candida species distribution at inclusion (Candidaalbicans/Candida tropicalis: 8/11 [72.3%] and Candida glabrata/Candida krusei: 3/11 [27.3%]) was supported by the identification of BC or colonizing isolates in 10/11 cases. Patients were classified with proven (11), likely (6), possible (11), and unlikely (98) IC. Defining IC as proven/proven&likely/proven&likely&possible, respectively, the sensitivity was as follows: T2Candida (55%/59%/39%), BC (45%/29%/ 8%), and MAg (36%/41%/32%). The negative predictive value was similar across the tests for proven vs others and proven/likely vs others (94%-96% and 90%-95%, respectively). For test combinations including T2Candida, the sensitivity increased to 64%-65%, without hampering the positive predictive value.

Conclusions: In conclusion, although the diagnostic performance was modest for all the tests, the combination of T2Candida and BC seemed to have the best diagnostic performance, and thus implementation of T2Candida may improve the diagnosis of IC.

TidsskriftOpen Forum Infectious Diseases
Udgave nummer5
Sider (fra-til)ofz136
StatusUdgivet - maj 2019

ID: 59157304