Debriefing Methods for Simulation in Healthcare: A Systematic Review

Jonathan P Duff, Kate J Morse, Julia Seelandt, Isabel T Gross, Melis Lydston, Joan Sargeant, Peter Dieckmann, Joseph A Allen, Jenny W Rudolph, Michaela Kolbe


Debriefing is a critical component in most simulation experiences. With the growing number of debriefing concepts, approaches, and tools, we need to understand how to debrief most effectively because there is little empiric evidence to guide us in their use. This systematic review explores the current literature on debriefing in healthcare simulation education to understand the evidence behind practice and clarify gaps in the literature. The PICO question for this review was defined as "In healthcare providers [P], does the use of one debriefing or feedback intervention [I], compared to a different debriefing or feedback intervention [C], improve educational and clinical outcomes [O] in simulation-based education?" We included 70 studies in our final review and found that our current debriefing strategies, frameworks, and techniques are not based on robust empirical evidence. Based on this, we highlight future research needs.

TidsskriftSimulation in healthcare : journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare
Udgave nummer1S
Sider (fra-til)S112-S121
StatusUdgivet - 1 jan. 2024


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