Danish Prostate Registry (DanProst) - an Updated Version of the Danish Prostate Cancer Registry, Methodology, and Early Results

Hein Vincent Stroomberg*, S Benzon Larsen, G Samsø Lanthén, T Kjaer Nielsen, J T Helgstrand, K Brasso, A Røder

*Corresponding author af dette arbejde


In 2016, we introduced the Danish Prostate Cancer Registry (DaPCaR) which was built on the National Pathology Register from 1995 to 2011. DaPCaR was laborious to use as most data had to be manually imputed with no regular updates. In here we present a new comprehensive centralized prostate registry called the Danish Prostate Registry (DanProst), which includes all men having undergone any histological evaluation of prostate tissue merged with laboratory-, treatment-, prescription data as well as vital status. Here the data included and the methodology of DanProst are described. DanProst is built upon all men with a histological assessment of the prostate from the Danish National Registry for Pathology. The primary histology and potential prostate cancer histological diagnosis for each unique individual is extracted and translated by newly made algorithms for topography, procedure, diagnostic conclusion, and pathological staging. Further information is added from DaPCaR, the CPR Registry, the Danish Cause of Death Registry, the Danish Cancer Registry, the National Patient Registry, the Danish Register of Laboratory Results for Research, and the Danish National Prescription Registry. The translation algorithms were validated based on the comparison with DaPCaR in the period 2010-2016. DanProst includes 190,422 men. A total of 95,152 (50%) men are diagnosed with prostate cancer until 2021. Median diagnostic PSA was 11 ng/ml, most men are diagnosed by ultrasound-guided biopsy (N = 63,751; 67%), and most frequently defined primary treatment was radical prostatectomy (N = 14,778; 19%). DanProst to DaPCaR coherency was > 99%, 95%, and 94% for the primary histological procedure, primary histological conclusion, and diagnostic histological conclusion, respectively. DanProst is a continuously updated, centrally kept, validated registry with automatic integration of data from other national registries, allowing for contemporary nationwide analysis in men with histological assessment of the prostate.

TidsskriftJournal of medical systems
Udgave nummer1
StatusUdgivet - 13 sep. 2023


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