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Conductance artery stiffness impairs atrio-ventriculo-arterial coupling before manifestation of arterial hypertension or left ventricular hypertrophic remodelling

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As part of normal ageing, conductance arteries lose their cushion function, left ventricle (LV) filling and also left atrial emptying are impaired. The relation between conductance artery stiffness and LV diastolic function is normally explained by arterial hypertension and LV hypertrophy as needed intermediaries. We examined whether age-related aortic stiffening may influence LV diastolic function in normal healthy subjects. Aortic distensibility and pulse wave velocity (PWV) were related to LV emptying and filling parameters and left atrial emptying parameters as determined by magnetic resonance imaging in 36 healthy young (< 35 years) and 16 healthy middle-aged and elderly (> 35 years) with normal arterial blood pressure and myocardial mass. In the overall cohort, total aorta PWV correlated to a decrease in LV peak-emptying volume (r = 0.43), LV peak-filling (r = 0.47), passive atrial emptying volume (r = 0.66), and an increase in active atrial emptying volume (r = 0.47) (all p < 0.001). PWV was correlated to passive atrial emptying volume even if only the > 35-year-old were considered (r = 0.53; p < 0.001). Total peripheral resistance demonstrated similar correlations as PWV, but in a regression analysis only the total aorta PWV was related to left atrial (LA) passive emptying volume. Via impaired ventriculo-arterial coupling, the increased aortic PWV seen with normal ageing hence affects atrio-ventricular coupling, before increased aortic PWV is associated with significantly increased arterial blood pressure or LV hypertrophic remodelling. Our findings reinforce the existence of atrio-ventriculo-arterial coupling and suggest aortic distensibility should be considered an early therapeutic target to avoid diastolic dysfunction of the LV.

TidsskriftScientific Reports
Udgave nummer1
Sider (fra-til)14467
StatusUdgivet - 14 jul. 2021

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