BACKGROUND: Development of the gonads during fetal life is complex and vital for adult reproductive health. Cell and animal studies have shown an alarming effect of mild analgesics on germ cells in both males and females. More than 50% of pregnant women use mild analgesics during pregnancy, which potentially could compromise the reproductive health of the next generation.

OBJECTIVES: We present a research protocol designed to evaluate the effect of prenatal exposure to mild analgesics and endocrine-disrupting chemicals on gonadal function in the offspring.

POPULATION: Healthy, singleton pregnant women and their partners.

DESIGN: The COPANA cohort is a prospective, observational pregnancy and birth cohort.

METHODS: Participants were enrolled during the first trimester of pregnancy. Information on the use of mild analgesics was collected retrospectively 3 months prior to pregnancy and prospectively every 2 weeks throughout the study. We collected extensive data on lifestyle and reproductive health. Biospecimens were collected in the first trimester (maternal and paternal urine- and blood samples), in the third trimester in conjunction with a study-specific ultrasound scan (maternal urine sample), and approximately 3 months post-partum during the infant minipuberty period (maternal and infant urine- and blood samples). A comprehensive evaluation of reproductive function in the infants during the minipuberty phase was performed, including an ultrasound scan of the testis or ovaries and uterus.

PRELIMINARY RESULTS: In total, 685 pregnant women and their partners were included between March 2020 and January 2022. A total of 589 infants (287 males) and their parents completed the follow-up during the minipuberty phase (December 2020-November 2022).

CONCLUSIONS: The Copenhagen Analgesic Study holds the potential to provide novel and comprehensive insights into the impact of early and late prenatal exposure to mild analgesics and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals on future reproductive function in the offspring.

TidsskriftPaediatric and perinatal epidemiology
Udgave nummer4
Sider (fra-til)370-381
Antal sider12
StatusUdgivet - maj 2024


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