Chronic intestinal ischemia and splanchnic blood-flow: Reference values and correlation with body-composition.

Helle Zacho, Jens Henrik Sahl Henriksen, Jan Abrahamsen

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AIM: To determine the splanchnic blood flow and oxygen
uptake in healthy-subjects and patients and to relate
the findings to body-composition.
METHODS: The total splanchnic blood flow (SBF) and
oxygen uptake (SO2U) were measured in 20 healthy
volunteers (10 women) and 29 patients with suspected
chronic intestinal ischemia (15 women), age 40-85
years, prior to and after a standard meal. The method
is based on the Fick principle using the continuous infusion
of an indicator (99mTechnetium-labelled mebrofenin)
and catheterization of an artery and the hepatic
vein. An angiography of the intestinal arteries was
performed during the same investigation. A whole-body
dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scan was performed
in healthy volunteers to determine body composition.
RESULTS: Angiography revealed no atherosclerotic lesions
in the intestinal arteries. The mean baseline SBF
was 1087 mL/min (731-1390), and this value increased
significantly to 1787 mL/min after the meal in healthy
volunteers (P < 0.001). The baseline SBF in patients
was 1080 mL/min, which increased to 1718 mL/min
postprandially (P < 0.001). The baseline SBF was independent
of age, sex, lean body mass and percentage of
body fat. The mean meal-induced increase in SBF was
equal to 282 mL/min + 5.4 mL/min × bodyweight, (P
= 0.025). The SO2U in healthy volunteers and patients
was 50.7 mL/min and 48.0 mL/min, respectively, and
these values increased to 77.5 mL/min and 75 mL/min
postprandially, respectively. Both baseline and postprandial
SO2U were directly related to lean body mass.
Age and sex exerted no impact on SO2U.
CONCLUSION: A direct correlation between body
weight and the postprandial increase in SBF was observed.
The effect of body weight should be considered
in the diagnosis of chronic intestinal ischemia.
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Key words: Splanchnic circulation; Postprandial period;
Body composition; Mesenteric vascular occlusion; Middle
TidsskriftWorld Journal of Gastroenterology
Udgave nummer6
Sider (fra-til)882-888
Antal sider7
StatusUdgivet - 2013


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