Changes in Muscle Mass and Strength During Follow-Up After One-Year Resistance Training Interventions in Older Adults

Kenneth H Mertz, Søren Reitelseder, Morten A Rasmussen, Jacob Bülow, Grith Højfeldt, Mikkel Jensen, Morten Hjulmand, Jonas Lindberg, Mathilde U Kramer, Rasmus Bechshøft, Lars Holm


Mertz, KH, Reitelseder, S, Rasmussen, MA, Bülow, J, Højfeldt, G, Jensen, M, Hjulmand, M, Lindberg, J, Kramer, MU, Bechshøft, R, and Holm, L. Changes in muscle mass and strength during follow-up after one-year resistance training interventions in older adults. J Strength Cond Res 37(10): 2064-2070, 2023-The aim of this study was to investigate if home-based resistance training compared with center-based resistance training was associated with better preservation of muscle mass and strength in older individuals, 6 months after the interventions ended. One hundred four healthy older individuals (>65 years) who had completed 1 year of either home-based light-intensity training with daily whey protein supplementation (LITW), center-based heavy resistance training with whey protein supplementation (HRTW), or daily whey protein supplementation alone (WHEY) returned for follow-up measurement 6 months after the interventions. Measures of muscle mass, strength, and power were assessed at the end of intervention as well as at follow-up. Furthermore, we compared changes in these parameters between subjects who continued resistance training (≥1 weekly training session) during follow-up (CONT) with those who stopped (STOP). Resistance training continuation during follow-up did not differ between HRTW and LITW (41 vs. 41%, P = 1.0) but was higher for both groups compared with WHEY (18%, P = 0.04-0.05). However, no between-group differences were observed between LITW/HRTW/WHEY in changes in muscle mass, strength, or power during follow-up. STOP was associated with a poorer preservation of quadriceps cross-sectional area compared with CONT (-1.7 cm 2 [-0.4 to -3.0], P = 0.01, effect size: 0.79). No effect of training continuation was observed on changes in muscle strength and power. In conclusion, maintenance of muscle mass and strength is not superior after home-based resistance training compared with center-based training. However, training continuation seems crucial for the maintenance of muscle mass, irrespective of the training intervention.

TidsskriftJournal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Udgave nummer10
Sider (fra-til)2064-2070
Antal sider7
StatusUdgivet - 1 okt. 2023


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