Challenging the Urologist of the Future: Time for a Change?

Fabian P Stangl, Isabel Heidegger, Pia Kraft, Rianne J M Lammers, Mark Horvath, Muslim Dogan Deger, Elvira Polo-Alonso, Mike Wenzel, Andreas Affentranger, Katrine Schou-Jensen, Lobna Ali, Robert A Keenan, Laura Gallardo-Zamora, Josias Franco Alva, Domenico Trerè, Georgios Tsampoukas, Peter Hoyerup, Clara Cerrato, Nicolas Raison, Sabine Brookman-MayJuan Luis Vásquez


Physicians need both medical expertise and diverse skills for effective patient care. Adaptability is also key in embracing advances in technology and new techniques. We outline six thought-provoking points to guide the new generation of urologists.

TidsskriftEuropean Urology
StatusE-pub ahead of print - 29 maj 2024


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