Benefits of Using Activity Recommender Technology for Self-management of Depressive Symptoms

Darius A. Rohani, Maria Faurholt-Jepsen, Lars V. Kessing, Jakob E. Bardram


Behavioral Activation (BA)therapy has shown to be effective in treating depression. Recommending healthy activities is a core principle in Behavioral Activation (BA), which is typically done by the therapist. However, most BA smartphone applications do not recommend specific activities. This article reports quantitative results from an 8-week feasibility study of a previously presented smartphone-based BA recommender system. The system supports the planning and enacting of pleasurable activities and promotes activation of diverse activity types. Enrollment included 43 clinically depressed patients who installed the system on their phone and initiated activity scheduling. Twenty-nine patients used the system daily for more than a week.These patients presented a significant reduction in depressive symptoms during the study period. They displayed a more personalized usage approach and created recurring health goals comprising of their own customized activities. Furthermore, they took inspiration within various types of activities, thereby displaying more activity diversity. This study suggests that enacting a diverse mixture of activities that promote good sleep, personal hygiene, exercise, social contact, and leisure time can be essential in managing depressive symptoms. A smartphone-based activity recommender system can help patients achieve this.

TidsskriftACM Transactions on Computing for Healthcare
Udgave nummer4
StatusUdgivet - okt. 2021


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