Association between blastocyst morphology and outcome of single-blastocyst transfer

Etienne Van den Abbeel, Basak Balaban, Søren Ziebe, Kersti Lundin, Maria José Gómez Cuesta, Bjarke Mirner Klein, Lisbeth Helmgaard, Joan-Carles Arce

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    The aim of this study was to assess the ability of three individual blastocyst morphology parameters - expansion and hatching (EH) stage, inner cell mass (ICM) grade and trophectoderm grade - to predict outcome of a cycle with single-blastocyst transfer. The study was a secondary analysis of data prospectively collected in a large multicentre trial. A total of 618 intracytoplasmic sperm injection patients undergoing ovarian stimulation in a gonadotrophin-releasing hormone antagonist cycle with compulsory single-blastocyst transfer on day 5 were included. In the simple logistic regression analysis, all three blastocyst morphology parameters were statistically significantly (P
    TidsskriftReproductive BioMedicine Online
    Udgave nummer4
    Sider (fra-til)353-61
    Antal sider9
    StatusUdgivet - okt. 2013


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