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The impact of BIpolar disorder on SExual functions in male and female individuals- a Quantitative and Qualitative mixed methods study (BISEQQ)

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  1. Seksualfunktion hos kvinder med bipolar lidelse

    Projekt: Typer af projekterProjekt

  • Giraldi, Annamaria (Projektleder, organisatorisk)
  • Vinberg, Maj (Projektleder, faglig)
  • Krogh, Helle Brandborg, Sexologisk Klinik, Psykiatrisk Center København, Danmark (Projektdeltager)
  • Mortensen, Gitte Lee, AnthroConsult Fynsgade 24 8000 Aarhus C , Danmark (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Nielsen, Dorthe S., Migrant Health Clinic, Odense University Hospital Department of Geriatric Medicine, Odense University Hospital University of Southern Denmark, Danmark (Samarbejdspartner)
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Only a few studies have addressed how bipolar disorder (BD), sexual life and relationships affect each other. The current knowledge is mainly in patients with depression. Both BD and sexual dysfunctions (SD) are associated with decreased quality of life and psychiatric disorders including BD are risk factors for SD. SD is also a risk factor for depression. Impaired sexual function in individuals with BD may be due to the illness itself, as energy level, mood, and sexual function are interrelated. The different phases of BD may have different impacts on sexual function, which can all have negative consequences. Decreased sexual desire and sexual activity are frequent in depressive episodes, whereas mania may cause increased desire and activity.
The aim of this study is to investigate sexual function in men and women with Bipolar Disorder, with focus on sexual problems related to mood changes and the effect on the relationship, quality of life and how to cope with Bipolar Disorder.
This project is an interdisciplinary multi-center and Mixed-Methods study, combining quantitative and qualitative approaches to evaluate how BD affects men and women’s sexual life. The main elements of the project are a cross-sectional (study 1) and a longitudinal quantitative study comparing sexual function in men and women with BD (study 2) as well a qualitative interview study (study 3).
An ongoing qualitative pilot interview-study is already carried out including 8 individuals with BD. This pilot study aims to provide an individual-oriented and inspired insight into which sexual- and relationship-related challenges individuals with BD experience, how they handle it, and how these parameters affect the quality of life and use the involved participants as a resource in the project. The results of this study will be implemented in the interview guides and questionnaires for the present Ph.D. project to ensure that the research questions are focused on the experiences of individuals with BD. The final questionnaires and the interview guide for study 1-3 will be read, commented and discussed with an already established group of persons with BD.
Diskussion/impact (forventet). The study will create a more detailed understanding of how sexual life in patients with BD is expereincend, how it affects QOL and fluctuates with meantal health. The results can be directly implemented in the clinical care of patients with BD.


  • Sundhedsvidenskab - Sexual Dysfunctions, Psychological, Paraphilic Disorders and Disorders of sexual preference or development, Mood disorder, Observational study

ID: 61924089