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The encounter between clinicians and migrant patients in the outpatient mental health services in Denmark - A mixed methods study on cultural competences and the Cultural Formulation Interview.

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Immigrants make up approx. 8% of the Danish population. Studies show that migration is associated with an increased vulnerability and occurrence of mental disorders. The number of migrant patients conveys new challenges for the Danish health care system. Clinicians experience difficulty in their daily work when communicating with, diagnosing and treating migrant patients. Likewise, ethnic minorities experience less trust and receptiveness as well as more discrimination than ethnic Danes. Psychiatry in particular is faced with challenges because the presentation, interpretation, understanding and treatment of mental health symptoms vary across cultures.
This study takes its point of departure in the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) from DSM-5, which has a narrative approach and serves as a clinical resource for the systematic and individualised evaluation of cultural dimensions in psychiatric assessment. Cultural competent clinicians are better equipped to achieve therapeutic alliance in the patient encounter, which will often improve the treatment-efficacy and increase patient satisfaction.

Problem statement:
To describe cultural encounters and how they are understood and managed by clinicians, patients, and interpreters in outpatient mental health services.
To evaluate the implementation and clinical utility of a Danish translation of the CFI in outpatient mental health services

Four sub-studies will provide a thorough analysis of the cultural encounter between the mental health services and migrant patients, viewed from the perspectives of the clinicians, the patients and the interpreters in a consultation context.
Empirical data will be generated at 4-5 Danish outpatient psychiatric services in the Capital Region of Denmark.


  • Sundhedsvidenskab - Transcultural Psychiatry, Health Systems Research, Observational study

ID: 46172059