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PTF4: Basic Body Awareness Therapy versus blandet fysisk aktivitet som tillægsbehandling for traumatiserede flygtninge. Et randomiseret, kontrolleret studie.

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  1. ScoRe: assessing refugee health in a cultural context

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  2. Neurofeedback as a treatment for trauma-affected refugees

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Chronic pain is common among traumatised refugees and is believed to maintain the mental symptoms of trauma. Hence, treating chronic pain is regarded to be of high clinical value for this patient group. Physical activity has shown a positive effect on psychiatric illnesses such as depression and anxiety and for patients with chronic pain. However, scientific knowledge about physical activity as part of the treatment for traumatised refugees is very limited and no guidelines exist on the topic. A smaller study using mixed physical activity and a BBAT pilot study, which has previously been conducted at our clinic (see above: 4. BAT - pilot project), both on traumatised refugees, have shown positive results on coping with pain and mental symptoms. These results need confirmation in a larger study, and form part of the basis for the present study.
1. To examine if physical activity as add-on treatment to psychiatric treatment as usual (6 months of medical treatment + manual-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is associated with synergic ameliorating effects on mental symptoms (PTSD, depression, anxiety), coping with pain, body awareness, functional capacity and quality of life.
2. To examine if BBAT has a higher impact on the outcome measures listed in aim 1, compared to mixed physical activity.
3. To examine if an increase in strength, endurance, balance and coordination correlates with an improvement of the outcome measures listed in aim 1.
4. To examine if the number of hours spent on the specific assigned physical activity is a positive predictor of the treatment effect.
FinansieringskildePrivat fond (Privat)
ForskningsprogramTryg Fonden
Beløb4.000.000,00 Danske Kroner


  • Sundhedsvidenskab - Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders, including traumatic experience in childhood, Physical Treatments, Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial, Transcultural Psychiatry

ID: 40197435