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Psychiatric predictors of homelessness– paving the way for prevention

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The overall aim in this post doc will be to examine the association between psychiatric disorders and homelessness by identifying high risk groups for and vulnerable periods of homelessness in psychiatric patients in Denmark. In the long term, the goal is to pave the way for preventing and reducing homelessness in people with psychiatric disorders.

Aim 1: To investigate psychiatric predictors of homelessness
a. Transitions from psychiatric hospitalisation, prison, and children’s out-of-home placement in individuals with psychiatric disorders.
b. Use of psychiatric services, primary care, and somatic hospitalization prior to the first episode of homelessness.
c. High genetic predisposition and/or family history of severe mental illness and/or homelessness.

Aim 2: To investigate psychiatric co-morbidity to homelessness and criminal behaviour
a. Incidence rates of specific psychiatric disorders, overdoses, and cause-specific death in young people experiencing homelessness.
b. Incidence rates of violent offending and victimization in individuals with psychiatric disorders and/or experiences of homelessness.

Aim 3: To predict reintegration into society in homeless people with psychiatric disorders
a. Predictors for obtaining employment and education following homelessness.
b. Predictors for obtaining stable housing after homelessness.

As one of the only researchers in homelessness in Denmark, I have an important task in contributing to the political debate on how to manage the problems with homelessness. By disseminating the results from this project I expect to be able to influence psychiatric practice by pointing to high-risk groups within unmet support needs and to show a need for improved collaboration between sectors. This project will guide future interventions aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness. If I can show a genetic contribution to the risk of homelessness, it will influence the general understanding of the causes of homelessness resulting in need for more support to vulnerable individuals. All the results will be unique and of worldwide interest.


  • Sundhedsvidenskab - psychiatric disorders, Registerbased research, Observational study, Substance-Related Disorders, Epidemiologic

ID: 61868208